I have been a working fashion designer for the past 13 years and Old Navy is probably justified in charging more. There is usually a different design team, fit team, merchandisers and planners when designing plus sized clothes and the overhead needs to be paid and the department usually is less profitable then the… » 11/14/14 3:46pm 11/14/14 3:46pm

I think a lot of the stigma comes from jealousy. The power and fortitude to change oneself requires self sacrifice in the form of pain, saving money, rejection by those who love you. It takes a strong person to change their appearance in my opinion. This is he same as dramatic weight loss. » 5/22/14 9:23pm 5/22/14 9:23pm

I am a commercial fashion designer and believe it or not, the larger chain stores have much more stringent regulations regarding compensation, factory safety, and the cleanliness of the work place in general. They are not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts they are just trying to make sure they don't get… » 12/05/13 11:43am 12/05/13 11:43am

I have worked as a intimate apparel designer for 11 years. I started working on the West coast then moved to NY. I have worked for large companies and for smaller brands. If you work hard, put in the hours and end up at the right company you can exceed 6 figures in as little as 6-7 years. I have plenty of successful… » 8/29/13 7:37pm 8/29/13 7:37pm